Our Family Has Grown by Two Little Feet

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

8 Weeks!

"I'm 8 weeks old - Hooray!"

Julia has hit the 8 week mark.... which means in less than one week, she'll no longer be "1 month old" and on to the "2 month" marker. The time is flying by! I remember when I was pregnant, I was telling someone how the days/weeks just seemed to drag by and our due date always seemed so far away - and that person assured me that all of that would change once our little one arrived. That person was SO right! It's going fast and I'm loving every second of it.
Mommyhood is good! :)

I don't have much time for a written update right now, but still wanted to share updated photos - so, here they are!

Julia's imitation of Mommy doing her kickboxing.
"Up, up - and away!"

She's staring at her friend, the ceiling fan.

Our first outing using the Baby Bjorn.

Julia and her doggie in her crib - right before taking a nap.
(Oh that wondrous ceiling fan - again.)
NOT happy about getting swaddled for her nap.
Post nap = Happy!


She likes her lambies!

"Oh, why hello again, ceiling fan!"

"When do we eat?"

Her post feeding stretch.

Loving her lambie mobile

Tired eyes.
Tired Julia.
Getting her daily face/neck/hand wash from Mommy.

Clean and happy.
On her way to her fist arena basketball game.

She has discovered herself in the mirror that hangs above her swing, and is fascinated by it.
So tired.

"Popeye" face (and "Touchdown!") after she eats.

Napping in her crib.
Playing with Mommy.
Being loved by Daddy.
8 Weeks Old!
Julia has been working on perfecting her "grabbing" skill more and more!

Here she is grabbing ahold of her blankie during a nap - so sweet!

And, this is her playing with her play gym and swatting at her toys on there for the first time!