Our Family Has Grown by Two Little Feet

Friday, January 29, 2010

Julia is 1 month old!

Julia is 1 month old!

I'm sure it sounds so cliche - but I cannot believe how fast one month just flew by! It seems like a week (tops!) has passed since we all came home from the hospital with our new little family member in tow and introduced her to her new home and doggie. I say it over and over on here, but we are so truly blessed to have been given this lovable daughter and such the wonderful gift of parenthood. I look back at the pictures I've posted here on the blog and cannot believe how much Julia has grown in these few short weeks - even though she seems to grow before my eyes every day, I don't fully realize it until I take a look at the past photos and see the difference.

Julia has always had a little personality from the day she was born - that of expression, curiosity, and content - but over these past weeks, it has continued to form. She does things now, like get a huge smile on her face just before she's about to eat, and we now know once she has started eating, not to mess with her (and if you know her Daddy.... you may agree that this comes from him - haha!) - sometimes when we try and give her arm or leg a tug or rub while she's eating, she'll let out (what we think sounds like) a little "growl" warning us to leave her alone - so funny! She likes her food!! She has started gaining control of her arms and legs and loves flailing them all over the place in excitement or discontent. I also think she is starting to somehow miraculously understand emotion at such an early age. We believe Julia is going through a growth spurt and yesterday she slept most of the day and ate most of the night. Around midnight I sort of had a break down moment where she was crying and I did everything that she could possibly need, and she still would not stop fussing. And, that led me to do what any hormonal, new Mommy would do... I started crying right along with her as I rocked her in my arms - and wouldn't you know that as soon as my tears came, Julia instantly made eye contact with me, stopped crying herself, and started closing her eyes leading to her nighttime slumber!? Some may say it's too early for a one month old to understand emotion like that, so call me crazy, because I believe our little one can! I know there are sure to be more things that Julia will do (or say...!) in the days ahead that will just completely warm my heart and leave me in awe, in addition to more things that will make me cry in frustration, and with it all, I'm so looking forward to it!
She is my sunshine. :)

Here are two videos that I recorded this morning when she was waking up.

In honor of the "big day" of being 1 month old, I did a little photo shoot of Julia this morning..... It probably lasted all of 10 minutes or so, and when I came on the computer to upload the photos, I learned that I took some 350+ photos of her in that 10 minute period - I am in trouble! I'd love share all 350 photos with everyone here, but I thought I'd spare you and only share a select "few." Enjoy!

After such a tiring modeling job, our little angel deserved some much needed rest....

Our sweet little sleeping angel.


That's it for the 1 month "photo shoot" - now here are some photos from the last couple of days...

"My Mom told me say: 'Hello everybody.'"

She loves her pink doggie that Grandma gave her!

She loves it so much that she has started to interact with him! This is her giving him a big hug.

These are some videos from the past couple of days:
Julia sucking on her fingers

When Julia stretches after eating or when waking up, she makes this face that we think is hilarious and we've coded it the "Popeye face" because she slightly resembles Popeye the Sailor when she does it. She arches her head back, wrinkles up her forehead, and throws her hands up in the air.... so funny. Anyway - this is a video of her, so sweetly, waking up from a nap and about 1 minute 40 seconds into it, you'll witness this said Popeye face... :)