Our Family Has Grown by Two Little Feet

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

7 Months

Julia is 7 months old!

Julia is a mobile mini person these days!
This month she has made her way through our whole house (and quickly out of rooms that you're trying to contain her to) by way of crawling (military fashion)! And, just now at 7 months old, she is starting to crawl the "real" way. She does a few steps here and there and then typically resorts back to her belly dragging across the floor. She is also now starting to pull herself up onto things, including us... and it is such a great feeling to see her get that look of determination mixed with full out desire to suddenly want nothing more than to crawl over to me, as quickly as she can, and start climbing up my lap into my arms. Of course, that reunion is usually short-lived because once she's in our arms, she then just wiggles to no end to get back down on the floor and crawl around to her next destination of choice. We lowered her crib this month after witnessing her being able to pull up to a standing position in it. And, she even walks (quite quickly!) with our help.

This month we've also made solid foods a staple in our daily routine. Julia is a fantastic eater!! This month she has added bananas, avocado, sweet potatoes, peas, peaches, green beans, and prunes to her diet. She even seems to have mastered using a sippy cup! We're still working on it here and there, but generally she gladly will drink out of it. This is a a sigh of relief because without her taking a bottle, I was starting to fear how in the world I was going to wean her someday.

Also, her sleeping has become much much better over the last couple of months and it's so nice!! She is down to a two nap schedule, and sleeps about 12 hours at night waking once or sometimes not at all for a feeding! Now, I just need to get myself out of this overtired state so I can start clocking some good, much deserved solid SLEEP, too. All in due time!

Our baby girl is growing up! Big girl, here we come!