Our Family Has Grown by Two Little Feet

Monday, November 15, 2010

10 Months!

Life has sped up too quickly again and I'm super late posting a 10 Month post. (We're closer to 11 months, now than 10.... oops!) And, alas.... today is no exception on having the time on hand for a good update. I DID want to share some pictures of Julia though.

She is doing just great and continuing to keep us on our toes. We have a climber on our hands, and she's constantly discovering something new that she can perch upon. Just the other day I found her standing on top of a drum set that is probably about a foot tall. Let's just say the few gray hairs on my head having doubled recently. (wink, wink) In addition to constantly trying to figure out a way to climb out of her crib, she's also realized that her crib makes a great teether. Yep, our once beautiful, white crib has now been christened by Julia....... the bare wood is showing through on numerous spots of the crib now where the paint is missing, and I finally caught on to what was happening with it all when I got Julia up from a nap and her mouth was covered in white paint chips. Stinker! I swear, when our current baby monitor goes kaput, I am getting one of those video monitors - I'm always dying to know what's going on in that room while she is putting herself to sleep! Never a dull minute with her in this world, and I wouldn't change that for anything!

There is tons more to update on, but time is not on my side. Here are some 10 months pictures and I will update again in a couple of weeks for month 11!

Her scrunched up nose face..... it's just ONE of the many adorable things she does!

Giving the outlet some love with a a kiss! (Isn't she thoughtful?) :)

One of the very first times she stood! Now she's "Wow'ing" us with very long episodes of it which makes the entire room freeze to standby and watch.

Me and my girl!

And, here are a few photos from Julia's first Halloween! We also had a visit from "Grandma" during this time for 2 weeks and every single one of us in the Barnes household enjoyed her presence from the amazing (and much missed) home cooking, to the help with cleaning, and just being around ... it was a really great visit. There are more photos of our time together that I hope to be able to share some day, but for now, here are just a few!

Grandma making pumpkin pancakes (with the help of a special little punkin) on Halloween morning.
Julia likes pumpkin pancakes!

Carving pumpkins!

Time to get dressed to greet the Trick-or-Treaters!

Julia's neighbor buddies, Ava and Malorie.