Our Family Has Grown by Two Little Feet

Monday, July 12, 2010

New York in the Summer!

At the end of June into July, Julia and I (and Grandma who came down and paid us a visit!) flew home to NY - Julia's first time on an airplane! We had no idea what to expect from our little muchkin, but with traveling by car from TX to NY and back at 3 months, could we really expect any problems? Nope! She was a perfect little traveler.

(Before the pictures start, I need to preface this in adding that the weather was much cooler than we expected (that's what you get when your blood has become Texan!), so that explains the repetitive outfits on both Julia and myself!!) :)

In the Harlingen, TX airport
Grandma and Julia in the airport
Julia and I on the plane!
Stretching her "air legs" at the Houston airport during a layover
Then, after 2 other flights (one of which was delayed out of Chicago yielding us an arrival time of 1:30am), we finally made it home to lovely Rochester, NY!

Our first visitors were Aunt Linda and Julia's second cousins Nathan and Caiden!

Then, Julia decided to take a little spin around town to check this place out...
Next, Melissa, Luke, and Betty paid us a visit with their little nephew/grandson, Brody!
Brody and Julia about almost 2 months apart
I'm including this picture just because it cracks me up... haha!
This one is a little better..... I'm learning that posing with a baby, let alone, TWO babies is never easy!
The grandmas and their grandchildren
Julia was amazed at Brody's skills! She wanted a hug....

"I like your feet! Wanna see mine?"

Abby babysitting Julia
Aunt Mary and Julia
Caiden loved Julia's flower
Franki taking a picture of Caiden playing with Julia
(speaks for itself.... heaven)
Grandma, Julia, and Sophie.... just after a nap
Franki, Grandma, and Jules
'Aunt' Beth and 'Uncle' Mike, Franki, and Julia
I love that Mike and Julia have similar eyebrows in this picture.

Kissing Mommy..... not to be mistaken with *eating* Mommy's face
Big girl Franki holding Julia
Kathy and Julia
Julia likes Kathy
Aunt Linda and Julia
Breakfast! Banana Oatmeal.
"Got more?"
Christine visiting with Julia

I couldn't wait to spend some time hanging out in the soft and inviting NY grass!
She wasn't quite sure what to think.

Tomar and Julia
Something's funny!
Franki being an awesome big cousin to Julia

Quick visit next door with 'Aunt' Karen!
New toys - fun!

Taking Rainbow Brite to Eastview Mall
Julia loves PB Kids as much as her Momma does!
Trying out Julia's new bath toy in the sink. She loved it!

Playing with Mommy's phone.

Gran and Grandpa YoYo came to visit from Albany and spend Julia's 6 month "birthday" with us
She decided to surprise us all with her first ever bit of crawling (military style) on this special day!

First piano adventure...
Our Little Pianist!

Ice cream for the adults (sorry Julia..) to celebrate her big 1/2 birthday (and YoYo's birthday, too!)
6 more months and you can have a taste, Julia!
"How is watching you all eat ice cream fun for me!!?"
Julia on the Canal - Schoen Place, Pittsford

I love this place and am truly bummed not to have this in my backyard to visit all the time down in TX

Julia and Guang
Guang brought Julia a pretty outfit from China!
Julia gets a visit from Charlotte!
Me and Julia, Erin and Charlotte
Julia's first trip to the zoo!
Megan and Shane with Julia at the rhinos!

Up at Lake Ontario.... miss this place!! :(

The carousel at the lake

"I liked that... what else ya got?"

Lake Ontario, Charlotte Beach

Theresa came and visited us!
Happy girl on Mommy's knees
Kathy and Julia
Me with Julia before heading to Jill and Jason's wedding
Karen's Aunt Fran stopped in for a quick visit and to drop off a sweet gift for Julia

Taking a "toe-dip" in Grandma's pool
Abby is happy to show us how it's done...

"Which way to the water slides?"

At 'Uncle' Mike and 'Aunt' Beth's for the 4th of July!

Julia wanted to borrow Franki's barrettes

Uncle Tom and Julia (a.k.a. - Julia's personal chauffeur from Texas to New York... whatta guy!)
Uncle Tom, Aunt Lynne, Franki, Ariel, and Julia

Julia with Mike and Karen

Movie star!

Franki borrowing Julia's hat, considering that Julia took it upon herself to borrow Franki's pretty barrettes!
So sweetly asleep in her own crib again back home in TX
Next up, a short trip back to (Albany) NY in mid-August!