Our Family Has Grown by Two Little Feet

Saturday, September 18, 2010

8 Months!

Where does the time go?? Not only is my baby becoming a mini person all of a sudden, but the days are now filled with so much activity and exploring that they just come and go. This post is late.... as Julia will actually be turning NINE month in just 10 days, but better late than never!

I guess only a parent would understand how spectacular it is to watch your baby grow, change, develop, and learn. We are really enjoying this stage - just as we've enjoyed the rest! I'm realizing that with each stage that has come and gone, I'm never really in a any rush to move onto "what's next" nor have I been in the habit of holding onto "what is" for too long. I'm just enjoying the neverending changes that keep happening. Julia seems to grow every day - and, recently, so does her hair! I keep inspecting it trying to decide if I should attempt to put a few strands in a pony tail, or just leave her be. Julia usually decides for me when I realize that at this age she probably wouldn't sit still long enough to let me do something like that, though she does like having her hair brushed - that's a good sign, right? I really can't wait to start braiding her hair in french braids - just like I used to practice on my cabbage patch dolls some 25 years ago (...am I REALLY that old?!). I think I still have time before I need to start organizing her dresser drawer of hair ties, ribbons, and bows (just like I used to have when I was little).

Julia is doing fantastic on all fronts! Here is an update:
She continues to be very strong and determined to accomplish whatever it is that she is working on. She crawls very well (with her stomach off the floor now) and is cruising along furniture. She is doing so well that she usually doesn't even have me worried about her falling anymore. (Bye-bye Thudguard.... we'll still try you on for fun!) She has even attempted to stand without holding onto anything a few times, but she's not quite there yet. It lasts about 2 seconds before her tush is planted to the ground.
Teeth and Sleep
She has her two bottom teeth in, and I'm pretty sure the top two are working on poking through now, as she has had some (now) uncommon sleep disturbances and early wakeups in the last week or so. Generally though, her sleeping has been GREAT! She goes to bed around 7pm, and wakes up between 6am/7am going those 11/12 hours with no night feedings and taking two 80 minute naps a day. I've been loving the predictability of her sleep schedule lately and her ability to put herself to sleep. We've made it part of our routine at night to read "Goodnight Moon" just before going to bed, and then we walk around the room saying "Goodnight" to everything in her nursery (the last thing is saying "Goodnight" to the light). As we do this, I wave "bye-bye" to each item worthy of our wishes, and I've noticed lately Julia will, ever so slightly, move her fingers up and down just like I do. She's not fully there to waving yet, but we're on our way - Super sweet!
She is a great eater and has not met one piece of food she doesn't like - I'm not surprised at this really considering how much her Mama and Daddy like food(!), but I'm still very thankful for this! Often times, I will have Julia in her walker as I am preparing her her meals and if she isn't circling me like a hungry little shark, then she is quick to come sprinting over in her walker when I call to her and say: "Julia - time to eat!" - it's adorable that she can understand me and come running over. She eats 3 meals a day and has been using her sippy cup during meals like a pro. This month she has started feeding herself things like Puffs and Yogurt melts and she tries feeding herself her pureed foods, too, but that generally just turns into a mess. I'm going to wait until her 9 month well baby checkup that's coming up and then start her on some other finger foods.
Julia continues to be a very curious little girl. She loves knocking over towers made of blocks (that's always been a favorite), and she loves are peekaboo (another old favorite, but she's now really good at uncovering us (and herself!) when hiding under a blanket). She also loves being tickled (armpits, tummy, knees, feetsies, and those chubby thighs) - she gives out the most adorable laughs if the tickle monster finds her. She's become pretty vocal, though mostly just sticks with the "ma ma ma" sound and the "ba ba ba" sounds and also various squeals. We've noticed that when she wants Andy or Delaney's attention she will crawl over to them and, very loudly, clear her throat. Such a character! Other favorites of hers are mirrors (she likes kissing herself), windows, the laundry room, the handles on our coffee table, and a stack of coasters that we have. Hmmmm.... I'm seeing a trend there - why are the favorites always the ordinary household fixtures?

That about sums up the update I have right now - enjoy the new pictures below!

(Are you done yet, Momma?)

Her face says it all here..... DONE.

Friday, September 17, 2010

NY State of Mind

If you haven't noticed, our poor blog has been a bit neglected lately - that's just one example of how mobile and active Julia is lately. "Naptime" used to be my "me" time.... now it's turned into "quick get whatever you can done before sleeping beauty wakes!" time. And, for that reason, I've had little time to update here.

Summer is still in full effect here in South Texas - our temps have "dipped" into the lower 90's now, but with the heat index, we're still consistently living in 100 degree weather. You have no idea how ready I am for a HUGE snow storm!! Speaking of..... we recently booked our flights home to NY for Christmas - for anyone reading this, please help me wish for snow for the holidays! I REALLY want Julia to get to experience that (and, I'll be honest, I'd love to experience it, too!). I'm in a NY state of mind here apparently, because I logged on to share photos of our most recent trip up there in August. I'm about a month late in posting these, but wanted to still share them regardless. Enjoy!

Layover in the airport....... Julia want's Daddy's spicy chips!
"Mom! He didn't share!!"

My attempts to tire her out while we were on land, in hopes she'd sleep in the air~

We're here! Albany, NY airport with Gran! (Do you like their coincidental matching outfits?)
Gran & Grampa Yo Yo in their front yard~
I think the grass really intrigues her. Against all of her attempts to explore in our grass here in Texas, I'm still too nervous about red ants and anything else that might be lurking in there to let her just romp around.

Out for a walk~
Going to visit at Daddy's work~
Julia with Larry and Aimee~
Finance Department and Julia~
Pool time in the backyard with her cousins, Rachel and Megan~

Aunt Jane and Julia~

Uncle Andrew and Megan~

"This is where Mommy keeps the Puffs!"
"Where are those Puffs? I know you got 'em some where...!"
A visit with Rob and Bridget (and little baby Manley on the way!).... so happy we were able to meet up for a bit - it's sadly been way too long!
Grandma and Julia~
"Helping" Mommy pack~
Our little family~

"Gimme that camera, Mommy!"


Julia and Janelle (they're 2 weeks apart and ever so cute to watch together)~

Julia: "Um, excuse me Janelle, that's my toy, can I have it back now please?"

Janelle's big brother, Jordan, helping to pose the girls~


Me with Julia and Jill~
Matt and Trisha arrive with the newest baby to join our bunch, Cailin~
Sweet little Cailin (2 weeks old here)~
Me and Julia with my dear college friend, Meghan, with her bun in the oven and her adorable little son Liam~
Janelle: "Here Julia, you can have it back now, I'm done with it!"
Prusky, Barker, and Barnes...... the next generation.
Julia showing sweet little Will how to crawl~
Julia: "Will, you deserve a pat on the back!"
Julia: "Here Will, let me help you..."
The newest little family~
Height check for Julia and Janelle~

Julia was intrigued by Janelle and Will's pacifiers and (for the first time) actually WANTED one herself~
Cutie pie~
Me and Julia, Nellie and Will, and Jill and Janelle..... all babies born within 2 months of each other~
Time to go back to Texas! ... on the airplane here....
"They got TVs here!"
"Hey do you have any Puffs up there in that row?"
Daddy kisses to help pass the time~

Looking out the window~

And, this I just had to share! As a combined Mother's Day/Anniversary/Birthday gift to me, my sweet hubby gave me this special necklace... I LOVE IT!